23 Cat Shaming Pictures All Cat Owners Will Understand

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23 Cat Shaming Pictures All Cat Owners Will Understand

No matter how adorable they look, we all know that cats have a mischievous side that can cause quite a bit of mayhem in the home.

From knocking over your glass of water, to eating the pet fish and peeing on your last clean shirt, bored kitties will always find a way to get your attention if they think you've ignored them for too long.

These cat parents have had enough of their furbabies' antics and decided to share their shame with the world.

If you've got a cat, you can definitely relate to many of these hilarious mugshots:

What's the worst thing your cat does?

Being a cat owner is full of benefits: you have a snuggle companion while you're watching TV or sleeping in on Sunday morning, someone to listen to all your problems without judgement AND, if they like to hunt, they'll kill all the spiders in your bathroom.

An intelligent cat is a blessing and a curse. If your kitty thinks that you're not paying enough attention to them, they'll make sure to tell you in the most inconvenient way possible.

These pet owners know exactly what we mean. They've had enough and they're finally calling their cats out!

The cats, of course, don't care.

Have you got a mischievous Marvin wreaking havoc in your household? Tell us the craziest thing your cat has ever done!