23 Disney Channel Original Movies Ranked From Worst to Best

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If you never watched a Disney Channel Original Movie growing up, I am so sorry for you.

Sure, they were laced with cheese and terrible acting, but that's what made them so great.

I remember sitting down every Friday night to watch a movie, even if I had watched it 6 times before. They would build up the movie every week with previews and clips and it was exhilarating. I remember setting up my VCR (remember those??) to record every Friday at 8pm so I could relive the magic over and over.

But which one was really the best? Using a ranking system that takes into account how likely I was to re-watch the the movie, originality, and for some of the ones I don't totally remember, here is a definitive and not up for debate* ranking of Disney Channel Original Movies(DCOM.)

*you can debate it that's fine we all have opinions.


23. Quints (2000)


Jamie is bummed because her parents have quintuplets (obviously just to piss her off) and now she doesn't get enough attention. Last on the list because I watched it once and do not care to see it again. It only MADE the list because Marnie from Halloweentown is in it.

22. Stuck In The Suburbs (2004)


Taran Killam plays pop-star Jordan Cahill (with frosted tips!) whose phone gets swapped with ~normal girl~ Brittany'. Brittany and her friend then decide to blackmail Jordan before they return but he doesn't go along with it. So then they decide to ruin his life??? Then they find out he's actually a good guy who just wants to sing HIS lyrics (don't we all) and they all become friends in suburbia. Low on the list because it's one of the newer DCOMs which means it's not as good.

21. Even Stevens Movie (2003)


I will live and die defending Even Stevens, and the only reason this isn't higher in the rankings is because it's a TV-show-turned-movie so it's not really 'original.' But the Truman Show-like plot line of the Stevens family being told they won an all-expenses paid trip to an island, only to find out it's a TV show they don't know about is pretty entertaining. Or at least it was for my 11-year-old self.

Click through to see what else made the list and where The Thirteenth Year lands on the list.

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