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23 Dogs Who Really Aren't As Brave As They Thought They Were That'll Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Dogs are great pets, they're friendly, silly and always ready for an adventure. But somehow dogs have developed a "tough" reputation, and lots of people are actually afraid of dogs. It's true that some animals can be mean, especially if their owners don't look after them properly, but anyone who's actually owned a dog knows they're big doofuses.

Sure, maybe they'll bark if a robber tries to break into your house, but they'll do the same thing when the mailman goes walking by!

To celebrate dogs everywhere who don't live up to their scary reputation, we've collected 23 pictures of "guard dogs" who should really consider a career change.

1. We've all done this before

2. He can handle anything...except stairs

3. THAT doesn't belong in the house!

4. Whatever he saw scared the wrinkles off him!

5. "Ok you win! Ow, I said you win!"

6. What did those cupcakes do to him?!

7. Ok, we saw the outside, now let's go back.

8. Run!!

9. He's not *quite* ready for the obstacle course

10. "Don't forget to leave my nightlight on..."

11. Great jump, but he didn't stick the landing

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