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24 Overly Dramatic Cats That Are Absolutely Ready For Their Close Up

Cats are pretty high-strung, that's not a secret. But there are moments when they become even more dramatic than usual, and those are the moments we love taking pictures of.

These cats all need to take a chill pill.

1. This cat, who sees how fast you're going and needs you to slow down.

2. This cat, whose food dish is only half full, so it may as well be empty.

3. This cat, who made the decision to go in the snow but now regrets it.

4. This cat, who wouldn't have come along if she knew the dog would also be joining.

5. This cat, who is re-enacting that scene from The Lion King

6. This cat who did not know that melted ice is, in fact, water.

7. This cat, who saw you reach for the nail clippers.

8. This cat, who is Sparta.

9. This cat, who experienced the before-and-after emotions of going to the vet.

10. These cats, who just heard the juiciest gossip about the calico down the street.

11. This cat, who just experienced the hell that is bath time.

12. This cat, who tried knocking but wasn't getting let in.

13. This cat, who is clearly reciting a Shakespearean monologue.

14. This cat, who would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those meddling kids.

15. This cat, who didn't want to get out of bed this morning (same.)

16. This cat, who probably just saw a spider.

17. This cat, who just wants one lil' bite, please.

18. This cat, who think it's too early for Christmas.

19. This cat, who is doing its best Whitney Houston impression.

20. This cat, who can't believe you didn't pull in to the Starbucks you just passed.

21. This cat, who is more of a bow person.

22. This cat, who doesn't remember asking to go outside.

23. This cat, who is tired of you focusing on work instead of him.

24. And this cat, who is tired of you not paying attention to her at all times.


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