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25 Record-Breaking Animals That Will Make You Wonder How They Are Even Real

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Each pet is unique and special in their own way, but some are more special than others. These 25 animals all stand out because of their impressive physical features or skills, which earned them a spot in the Guinness World Records books. Check them out, then see how your pooch can pop 100 balloons.

1. Keon, the dog with the longest tail

The Irish wolfhound's fly-swatter is an impressive 30.2 inches long, from the bone to the tip, not including hair.

2. Bini, most slam dunks by a rabbit in one minute

Bini hippity-hopped his way into the record books with this impressive 7-basket rally, with the help of his owner and trainer, Shai Asor.

3. Purin, the wonderdog

Why settle for just one record? This elderly Beagle completed 51 jump rope skips with her owner in under a minute to earn their first record, then blocked 14 mini soccer balls in the same time limit.

Purin also managed to balance on an exercise ball while she rolled 10 meters forward. If that's not impressive enough for you, Purin pulled it off in 12 seconds. Purin is a very good dog.

4. Cygnus, the cat with the longest tail

At 17.58 inches long, her owner has to be careful not to step on this long, fluffy Maine Coon cat tail.

5. Caspa, the llama who jumped the highest bar

While they're known for being stubborn, llamas have been trained to shepherd other livestock for hundreds of years. Caspa showed off her skills by leaping over a 3 foot, 8.5 inch bar.

6. Manikyam, the world's smallest cow

While her owners fed and raised her normally, this tiny cow grew up to be only 2 feet tall, smaller than a Labrador retriever.

7. Tigger, the dog with the longest ears ever recorded

Tell Tigger how nice his ears are, because no matter where you are he can probably hear you. His right ear is actually a little longer than the left one: 13.75 inches compared to just 13.5.

8. Chris, the world's woolliest sheep

When Chris was separated from the rest of his herd, he grew a staggering 88 pounds of the fluffy stuff, which was shaved off by his rescuers.

Chris felt much better after his shave.ABC News

9. Einstein, the world's smallest horse

Einstein's owners have been breading "Pinto Stallions" for 20 years, but most of them grow to be 3 feet tall. Einstein is just 2 feet tall, and only weighs 6 pounds.

10. Ozzy, the tightrope-walking dog

Not only did Ozzy keep his balance as he crossed the line (to be fair, he has four paws to balance on, instead of two feet) he did it in a record-breaking 18.22 seconds.

If you thought that was cool, there are even more impressive animals on this list...

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