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25 Absolutely Insane Styles That Will Win Any 'Crazy Hair Day'

When we were kids, we could settle for tying our hair into 11 different pony tails or dying it a strange color for "crazy hair day." But today's kids are taking the annual event to the next level (with the help of their competitive parents). Here are 25 of the coolest designs they've come up with:

1. "Just a little off the top, please"

2. Hang ten!

Break007 / Reddit

3. No, they don't actually spin

4. I bet their parents are hair stylists...

Meekoiscool / Reddit

5. How do they come up with this stuff?

6. "Time to make the donuts!"

hairgirlcc / Instagram

7. Your hair looks like a bird's nest - but in a good way!


8. Autumn-azing!

Cyfork / Instagram

9. Un-bee-lievable!


10. I don't know, this style is king of cagey

Cyfork / Instagram

This next picture is seriously impressive...

11. The outfit really completes this one

coconutkisspg / Intagram

12. I've heard of hair bows, but not hair rainbows

bwilliamsOn / Intagram

13. A creative way to recycle your old toys

hairashleyballout / Insta

14. "Banana!"

shindseyy / Instagram

15. "Okay, jump in gang, it's time for school"

bemseekay / Instagram

16. Be careful, she's got eyes in the back of her head...

miris_things / Instagram

17. O Christmas tree...

BatDubb / Imgur

18. Iguana ask how you did this

Shindsey7 / Instagram

19. Cool hairdo, and a great way to recycle

rowrowrowyoursinglescull / Imgur

20. You've heard of pig tails, now here's a cat tail

Hair by Lori

21. Cool hair, good message!

Palo / Flickr

22. Simple, but effective

23. This hair style looks good enough to eat!

the.breaus.nest / Instagram

24. Talk about an "updo"

25. Even pony tails are better under the sea

justinejulia / Instagram

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