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25 Big Cats Who Have No Concept Of Their Size

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Big Cat Rescue

No matter what their size and age, cats love to play.

When most of us think about big cats though, the kind of wild cats that live in the jungle, savannah or the mountains,  we often think of them as regal, stealthy predators.

They have a fearsome beauty and grace that humans have admired for centuries.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that the proud lion with his impressive mane and the fierce tigress stalking her prey could possibly be related to our fat house cats.

... and yet, they are more similar than we believe!

Just like their smaller cousins, if big cats fits, they sits!

They'll swat at anything that dangles from the sky!

And they love cardboard too!

Scroll through for more proof that big cats are big goofs - just like our own feline fur babies!

Big cats clearly like boxes, but do they like balls too? Let's find out!

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