Here Are 25 Pictures That Makes Having Trypophobia Suck

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Here Are 25 Pictures That Makes Having Trypophobia Suck


Trypophobia: irrational fear or anxiety caused by irregular clusters of small holes, bumps, and cracks.

Sounds mundane, right? Well tell that to the swarms of people on the internet who swear they can't stand it. While some may be able to look through these pictures without breaking a sweat, others won't be able to contain themselves.

Good luck...

Would you say this picture of roasted garlic looks delicious?

This piece of dough reminds me too much of a spiders egg

Potato soup for the soul? Not so appetizing, is it?

An ornate cutting of broccoli, but maybe a little too perfect...

Ohmygodno. What would this even sound like?

Not even silly putty is safe from this fear.

Fancy a slice of this banana cake? Nope, me neither.

Milk teeth that have yet to form. Unlike my anxiety about this.

Strawberry? More like NAWberry!

The slimy aspect of fruit seeds doesn't help the look of this.

Beautiful picture of an iris, but unnerving all the same.

This colorful mosaic may look like an alien world, but the salt water pools of Niger are gorgeous to behold.

No, please don't ruin Aero bars for me...

You couldn't pay me to use this bathroom.

Think those are bad? What about your favorite food combination?

Mac&Cheese Burger? Sounds amazing. Looks depraved.

Some make-up artists have too much time on their hands.

This one scares me for many different reasons.

Remember when you used to play and scream in the park as kids? This is similar.

Can you imagine this turning into a delicate lotus flower?

If you thought carrying around one child was bad...

Did you need another reason not to do the dishes tonight?

Suddenly I no longer trust all my favorite fruits. Thanks.

What torture device is this you ask? Just ask a block of old cheddar how grate this is.

How much do I hate Halloween? About thiiiiiiiiiis much!

You know what, I'm done with cheese forever.

Did you make it to the end of the article? Let us know what your secret fears are!