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26 Animals In Adorable Casts That Will Make You Want To Cuddle Them Until They're All Better


We're all a little clumsy sometimes, and these adorable little animals are no exception.

Like most of us, if they have to wear a cast, these adorable little critters are going to make the most of it with bright colors and cute patterns!

While no one likes to see an animal suffer - the good news is that these little cuties are on the road to recovery.

These sweet little critters got themselves into a tricky situation that resulted in some broken bones.

But some loving humans have taken very good care to bandage them up and give them plenty of TLC...

Sometimes you just need to cuddle when you're wearing a cast, and these little guys sure look like they could use a hug!

Would you snuggle them?

We hope they all feel better soon!

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