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26 Puppies Wearing Pajamas Who Can Cheer Up Literally Anyone

Puppies are probably the best thing on the face of the Earth. There is nothing sweeter, softer or more adorable then a floppy little puppy doing its little wiggle-dances while it comes to see you.

Perhaps the only way to make a puppy cuter is to throw them in some pajamas and then look upon the glorious creature and feel what pure joy is like. It is impossible to be sad while you look at puppies in PJs. I promise.

Here are the 26 of the sweetest most perfect little babies who will make your heart melt into a warm gooey soup.

1. Excuse me, but is that all your troubles I see floating away?

2. What's that? You need more?

3. The look isn't complete without the slippers!

4. Something has to contain all those wrinkles

5. Are you crying yet? Because I am...

6. How about now?

7. This should be mandatory for all stressful situations...

8. How can anyone be angry if this is available to look at??

9. I mean seriously, look at the floppy Muppet!

10. You know, all your problems can be solved (or ignored) if you just look into these eyes.

11. I didn't even know they made jammies this small!

12. Best buds in matching jammies is the sweetest thing in the universe and you cannot convince me this is not true.

13. They just want to make sure you know how much they love you all the time, but also they are sleepy and would please like to go to bed.

14. This little nugget is perfect.

15. It's so tiring being this fluffy.

16. "Look mom! I am adorable!" - said by this puppy probably

17. Who ever could resist these happy babies?!

18. I can't even handle it.

19. So ready for bed.

20. "I am the baby, you don't need another."

21. How can you fit all that fluff in those jammies!?

22. Netflix and naps.

23. "Hello, this is your dog, please come cuddle me now. Thanks!"

24. This is too much.

25. "Oh hello there, I see you aren't petting me.... Why not?"

26. Good night babies!

How do you feel? Like a warm pile of goo? Me too.

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