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27 Great Wedding Photos That Are Actually Worth Including In The Scrapbook

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Raman El Atiaoui / Fearless Photographers

Compare your wedding album with another couple's and you'll quickly realize the ugly truth: wedding photos are all pretty much the same.

Whether you hired a pro photographer or asked a relative to take some shots, the outcome is probably the same. You get a few pictures of the family standing in a row, maybe a closeup of your clasped hands and wedding rings, and a romantic sunset picture if the timing was right.

But the website Fearless Photographers rewards wedding pictures that actually deserve a spot in the photo album. Every two months their panel of award-winning photographers round up a collection of amazing pictures. Here are 27 of our favorites from this year:

1. An emotional father of the groom

2. They hijacked the photo shoot

3. After the party

4. The timing had to be just right for this one

5. I feel the same way by the time the reception starts

6. The mother of the bride was being fitted for a wig, because she's battling breast cancer

7. The guests who couldn't attend

8. Umbrella trouble at the worst possible moment

9. A prime example of a "photobomb," I hope this wasn't the groom!

10. This couple really saw fireworks when they said "I do!"

There are even more amazing photos to see...

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