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27 Great Wedding Photos That Are Actually Worth Including In The Scrapbook

Raman El Atiaoui / Fearless Photographers

Compare your wedding album with another couple's and you'll quickly realize the ugly truth: wedding photos are all pretty much the same.

Whether you hired a pro photographer or asked a relative to take some shots, the outcome is probably the same. You get a few pictures of the family standing in a row, maybe a closeup of your clasped hands and wedding rings, and a romantic sunset picture if the timing was right.

But the website Fearless Photographers rewards wedding pictures that actually deserve a spot in the photo album. Every two months their panel of award-winning photographers round up a collection of amazing pictures. Here are 27 of our favorites from this year:

1. An emotional father of the groom

2. They hijacked the photo shoot

3. After the party

4. The timing had to be just right for this one

5. I feel the same way by the time the reception starts

6. The mother of the bride was being fitted for a wig, because she's battling breast cancer

7. The guests who couldn't attend

8. Umbrella trouble at the worst possible moment

9. A prime example of a "photobomb," I hope this wasn't the groom!

10. This couple really saw fireworks when they said "I do!"

There are even more amazing photos to see...

11. Out on the dance floor

12. The groom gets the first slice

13. There's a reason this tradition was so popular

14. While the groom's asleep...

15. A real disaster, but this picture is so great

16. This is too sweet

17. Someone is a little camera-shy

18. Very relateable

19. Wait, did she tag along on the honeymoon to get this photo?

20. Beautiful, and totally unique

21. The wedding day is a tough time for the father of the bride

We have even more touching, emotional father of the bride moments here.

22. Wake me up when it's over

23. Dress rehearsal

24. Look closely at her glasses...

25. This flower girl is pretty crappy...

You can see more of these great pictures on the Fearless Photographers website, and even hire one of these wedding photographers for your special day.

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