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3 Easy Dog Toys You Can Make Right Now


No matter how big or small your pup may be, it's safe to say that their toys don't last long. Even a Kong is known to break under the pressure of those champion chewers.

Rather than rush out to the store to stock up on fresh squeakers, or risk contamination from recalled chewies, you can easily make your own replacement toys that are just as good - maybe better!

You dog doesn't care where they come from, as long as there are plenty of things to play with. It's a bonus if their new tug-of-war rope also smells like one of your old t-shirts.

So, gather your supplies and get crafty in the name of puppy love:

Sweaty T-Shirt Tug-Of-War Ball

This adorable little squid-like toy is perfect for a pooch who loves to play with tennis balls and run away with your dirty laundry!

Simply cut an old t-shirt into strips and tuck in an old tennis ball for an instant hit!

No-Sew Knot Rope

The folks at Fastncrazy have a great picture tutorial for how to create a solid braided rope that is nearly impossible for tiny teeth to break. Use an old pair of fleece pants or fleece blanket to make an extra strong rope.

The instructions aren't in English, so here's a video how-to by Sar Deakin:

Snuffle Mat

This is a great game for sensitive sniffers who love to dig! Challenge your pups with this snuffle mat and encourage them to hone their sniffing abilities!

After you assemble the mat, scatter their favorite treats or kibbles for a tasty playtime activity.