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3 Tasty Tips That Will Guarantee You The Best Shortbread Every Time

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It's the Christmas season, and we all know what that means! It's Christmas cookie time! Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, the taste of homemade shortbread cookies is enough to put anyone on their best behavior.

You may have been trying to perfect a recipe for years, or just don't know why the one you pulled off of the internet isn't working out. But whatever the reason, we've got you covered with 3 easy steps for making the best buttery treats this holiday!

Step 1: Butter Me Up

Unsurprisingly, the biggest part in making the best shortbread cookies is the way you handle the butter beforehand.

Firstly, always use unsalted butter, and then add your own amounts as you see fit! You also want to make sure that the butter is at room temperature when mixing the batter together. That means keeping it out beforehand for several hours, rather than melting it in the microwave at the last minute!

Step 2: Just Chill Dough

One big problem that many amateur bakers face is their shortbread seems to "melt" in the oven. Avoid this by chilling your dough before putting it into the oven!

Either keep them in a block, or cut them into the shapes you prefer and then stick them in the freezer on pieces of baking paper. Then you can choose how much you want to make when you want to!

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