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3 Valentine's Day Cakes You Have To See

There is something incredibly satisfying about watching people make cakes - especially when they are amazing at it. The ability to decorate cakes is something that so few people can do well that watching it is completely mesmerizing.

We teamed up with cake decorator Jayne Argentine from Cucina Dolce to see just how she made these amazing creations and we were not let down.

Valentine's Day Drip Cake

It's amazing what these cake decorators can do! She starts by stacking three round cakes, then puts icing around all the sides.

Using a special tool she blends all the icing together and with some pink candy melts dripping over the edge this cake looks completely remarkable.

This cake is almost too pretty to eat... Almost.

Valentine's Day Heart Cupcakes

Who doesn't love cupcakes? These ones are especially adorable because they use such unique decor techniques. This cool sugar paper looks like lace so it just makes it look all the more elegant.

She cut different hearts out of fondant, and used an adorable little stamp to add something a little bit special to them.

Then the lace pieces were cut to fit and they were attached to the heart.

The heart was place on a a cupcake and voila! The most adorable cupcakes ever!

Valentine's Day Quilling Cake

After staking up a couple round cakes, icing covered the whole thing. Then, using fondant thin strips were trimmed out and rolled into hearts and scrolls to make beautiful designs.

It's such an elegant and beautiful design!

If you are interested in having Cucina Dolce create a special cake just for you, get in touch with them here.