30 Grandparent "Fails" That Made Us Split Our Sides Laughing

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Do we get funnier as we get older? Probably, even if we don't mean to be sometimes!

These seniors weren't trying to make us laugh, but their hilarious mistakes, habits, and misunderstandings had us in stitches anyways.

1. You need to keep the Apple logo facing up

2. Thanks for the warning Grandpa

3. What a lovely photo...oh dear

4. Her granddaughter asked for "fingerless gloves with flowers on them"

5. "Grandma got into a fight with the mixer and lost"

6. This Italian grandma gets acquainted with her Google Home system

7. Grandma stays up to date on the latest technology

8. Congrats, he's so cute!

9. Grandma made him a "party vest"

We have even more questionable gifts from grandma, in case you need a giggle.

10. Grandma sent "the slowest picture message ever" through the mail

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