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Obese Cat Left At A Shelter, But Now He Needs A Second Chance And A Workout Buddy

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Fat cats provide some of the best possible pictures. Their pudgy tummies are the ultimate form of hilarity, and if you happen to own a fat cat you know how cuddly they are.

My cat was a tubster, and honestly I didn't think I would see a fatter cat than her in my lifetime.

But now Symba at the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C. has made me rethink my previous opinion.

Symba was dropped off at the HRA after his previous owner was moving and could no longer care for him.

Sure, he's bigger than most cats at 35lbs, but he's also extremely well-loved.

"He’s very sweet and loves to be petted," a shelter spokesperson said. "Other than being overweight, Symba is healthy."

But Symba is trying to make some changes...

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