4 Easy Yoga Poses That Fix Tight Shoulders

If you struggle with tension in your shoulders, these poses are a wonderful way to release all that pent-up stress.

Maybe you find yourself sitting for long periods or maybe you're wrestling with poor sleeping habits. Either way, these simple exercises will help you to regain some mobility in your shoulders and leave you feeling light as air!

Special thanks to Brittany Bryden, Yoga Instructor for these great tips and to Pure Yoga Ottawa for the use of their gorgeous studio!

Shoulder Flossing

  • Hold a strap vertically behind your head
  • Bring the top hand down between your shoulderblades
  • Walk your bottom hand up the strap
  • Tilt your upper body to one side and hold for 30-45 seconds
  • Repeat on the other side

Archer Arms

  • Hod the strap above your head horizontally
  • Reach the strap towards the ceiling
  • Gradually pull the strap down behind you
  • Slowly return the strap the front of your body

Standing Forward Fold

  • Step your feet about hips-width apart
  • Hold the strap in both hands hoizontally behind your back
  • Bend your knees and bring your chest to your thighs
  • Bring the strap up and over your head
  • Gently lean your to one side and the the other

Child's Pose

  • Come down onto your hands and knees
  • Gently lower your belly onto your thighs
  • Reach your arms out in front and hold
  • Reach one arm underneath the other and lay it flat on the floor

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