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4 Simple Tricks To Super Charge Your iPhone in 5 Minutes

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When that Low Battery notification comes up on your phone, it can spark a panic if you're not near a charger. If you don't keep a portable power charger on hand, you may be in search of an outlet to give your phone a little juice before continuing your day. But what if you don't have time for a full charge? Sure you can plug it in for 5 minutes and get a modest increase of a few percent, but will that be enough to hold you over?

Being stranded without your phone means you can't connect with your friends, don't have access to your maps or music and you will not be able to play your favorite games.

iPhones unfortunately don't have a quick charge feature built in like some other phones do.

What you may not know, is there is a way to get your phone to charge faster if you are in a rush.

Use these 4 tips to get your phone to increase power in a short period of time.

Put It In Airplane Mode

Before plugging your phone in, pop it into Airplane Mode, so that you can reduce the number of energy-seeking tasks like searching for signal and watching for incoming communication. Sure, you won't get any incoming calls or texts, but you only have a few minutes anyways. This will allow your phone to charge a bit faster in the time you give it plugged in.

Use An iPad Adapter

Do you own an iPad? Not all chargers are created equal. Try using that adapter for a speedier charge since it has demonstrated a faster rate of charging than the one that came with your iPhone.

Take The Case Off

Does your phone have a case on it? If it does, take it off. Some cases can cause your phone to heat up, so by keeping it cool, it will help your iPhone charge faster. Don't try to charge your phone in a hot car or while it's in your pocket, because the heart can affect how much power it consumes.

Hands Off

Leave your phone alone while it is charging. The display wastes precious battery, so try to leave your phone alone during the duration of the charge to get the most out of your time plugged in.

Watch the video for great tricks to get the most out of charging your phone:

Using these tricks will help you to double the rate your phone gets new life, and while a few extra percent may not sound like much, it makes a difference when you're not near a charger.

Source: Business Insider / Mental Floss