4 Ways Your Dog Will Show You That They Really Trust You

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Although we love our dogs and just expect they feel the same about us, it feels impossible to actually know how they feel about us. It is possible for our dogs to form a bond with us that leads to them trusting us. There are subtle ways our canine friends show us they trust us, and it's probably something you see everyday.  

1. Eye contact.

If your dog can look into your eyes for a substantial amount of time, it means they love and trust you. By staring into your eyes, it raises their oxytocin levels. This is the same hormone present in humans that produces the feeling of love. It is the same hormone that makes a mother deeply fall in love with their newborn child. So, when your dog looks into your eyes, it means that they have already grown a high level of affection towards you, which builds trust.

2. Doesn't panic when you leave.

If you have ever brought home a new dog, you have probably realized that they tend to panic every time you leave the house. They do this because they don't have a strong connection with you and don't yet trust you. So, every time you leave the house they think you are abandoning them and get upset, (heartbreaking, I know).

Once your dog trusts you, you will find that they don't panic as much when you leave the house. Although they would always rather go wherever you're going, they won't be filled with anxiety every time you leave the house. Your dog trusts that you will come home and they won't be abandoned.

But those are not the only ways your pup will show that they trust you...

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