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42 Incredible Paintings That Look Like They Could Be Photographs

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Young-sung Kim / Saatchi Art

Most of us never advanced past drawing a square with a triangle on top and calling it a "house," so it can be seriously impressive to realize there are artists who can effortlessly capture the real world in paint. These 15 artists make photo-realistic works of art that will make you say "there's no way someone drew that!"  

1. Nathan Walsh

This looks really real, doesn't it? Walsh is a master at capturing street views from famous cities in oil paintings. The shadows and wet pavement make you feel like you're actually standing there.

2. Yigal Ozeri

Another oil painter, Ozeri's pieces look like candid photographs, but they actually take hours of painstaking work.

3. Scott Waddell

Waddell starts with a rough sketch, which he turns into a portrait so perfect you'd swear the real person was standing in front of you.

4. Oda and Kit King

This couple specialize in eyes that seem to look out at you from the canvas.

5. Reisha Perlmutter

As well as her incredible skill at painting people, oil painter Reisha Perlmutter can also make water that looks like it will spill off the canvas.

6. Emanuele Dascanio

Dascanio uses graphite pencils and charcoal to draw portraits that look like a carbon copy of his models.

7. Ruben Belloso Adorna

This Italian pastel painter has become world famous for his lifelike portraits.

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