45 Animal Pictures That Will Make You Literally Laugh Out Loud

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45 Animal Pictures That Will Make You Literally Laugh Out Loud


There's no question that animals provide us with the best possible pictures we could ever dream of.

Then things got even better when Snapchat came around. The ability to caption your pet doing ridiculous things is just...it's amazing. We've already show you what cats and dogs have to offer, but now it's time for the ultimate animal Snapchat compilation.

You're welcome.

1. This deer, who honestly just needs the nutrition.

2. It's not his fault there's no such thing as a horse feeder.

3. Well did you say something to offend him?

4. Do you own this bird? Or was it just a random encounter?

5. Where is its tail...?

If you can think of anything funnier than animals being caught on camera, then feel free to share.

But it my own personal Internet experience, few things have made me laugh out loud as much as an ill-positioned cat or a got caught ripping apart the couch.

6. Disappointed there's not a puppy as baby Jesus, but I guess this is fine.

7. How do you know your cat just didn't grow antlers, huh?

8. I'm not sure, but it looks enthralling.

9. Cute...but why are you laying in a field near cows?

10. And he looks so smug about it.

11. H O W

12. I'd rather this than a rat, honestly.

13. It's all about the mind games.

14. Never cure me if I get this disease.

Do you think animals know what makes us laugh? Like are they sitting around when we're gone a-la Toy Story and discussing what can bring us happiness?

I hope so.

That would be pretty great.

15. Perhaps you should see a chiropractor?


17. I will hurt anyone who tries to take it from you.

18. The ultimate third wheel.


20. "This is actually by invitation only."

21. I volunteer as the next victim.

22. I can't actually deal with this.

23. I apologize, you can go back to sleep. Snore as much as you want.

24. All the boys are good boys.

25. #StopFatShamingKenny2k17

26. "I've made a huge mistake."

27. Never stop smiling ever PLEASE

My cat does this thing where she KNOWS she's cute...so when she's lying in front of the fire place, she'll curl up in a ball and wait for people to pet her.

She's an attention-whore for sure.

But it gets me some good pictures, so who can complain?

28. Who has the TIME?

29. It's like a circle of hugs.

30. You didn't tell him to look where he was sitting, first.

31. "I don't believe anyone asked your opinion."

32. The real question is who is buying a house for their cat, complete with couches?

33. Get her a spa day STAT.

34. It's the moooost wonderul tiiiiime of the year!

35. Well then give him some corn, this seems like a simple fix.

36. Bet you didn't expect that.

37. You better listen to him.

38. "Hey bud, just makin' sure you're okay."

39. I am in love with this bird.

40. Why isn't this painted on the Sistine Chapel?

41. I would vote for him.

42. Everyone needs this pep talk.

43. The next big movie star.

44. Who cares, though, when you're covered in cats?

45. I'd hire him.

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