5 Basic Things You Have Been Doing Wrong All Along

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After having experts tell us for decades, that we should be doing this, instead of that, or never to do this, it can be hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction.

Whether the once-true How To's or Warnings were totally false to begin with or are just no longer relevant, you will be surprised at how many basic things we have been doing wrong.

How many are you guilty of?

Charging Your Phone

Somewhere along the way, we were led to believe that you need to let your phone run out of battery before charging it up again. It was said that it was supposed to be better for the battery.

Wonderful Engineering

In fact today's lithium-ion batteries don't suffer at all when you charge them at 50% power, or any other level for that matter. Go ahead charge your phone when it's convenient.

Holding the Steering Wheel

When learning to drive, we were always told to keep our hands at "10 and 2" when in fact that is probably one of the most dangerous place to position your hands if you're in an accident.

Driving Instructor Blog

When your airbags deploy, it could break both your arms if you are at "10 and 2". Most experts are now recommending the "8 and 4" position for your hands.

Find out what you've been doing wrong in the kitchen and bathroom on the next page.

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