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5 Country Stars Who Overcame Incredible Tragedy

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Country music isn't always about sunshine, drinking beer and riding in a tractor. The genre is full of heavy ballads that sadly come straight from the artist's life experience. While many of country music's biggest stars may live a life of luxury now, all that fame and glory hasn't protected them from horrible tragedies in their lives.

From difficult childhoods, to huge personal loss these stars have to overcome the unthinkable in their lives, even when the spotlight was directly on them.

Reba McEntire

While you may always see the country superstar with a smile on her face, behind the infectious humor and good nature lies a tragedy,  

On March 16, 1991, while on tour for her Rumor Has It album, McEntire lost eight members of her band, as well as her manager, the pilot and co-pilot in a plane crash near San Diego.

McEntire and her husband were not on the doomed flight, which crashed only minutes after leaving the airport, due to poor visability.

The songestress went on to dedicate her sixteenth album For My Broken Heart, to her deceased road band.

Johnny Cash

While it's no secret that Johnny Cash suffered from his own personal demons before his death in 2003, his history is something that may surprise you.

During his public life he struggled with drugs and alcohol, but his true hardships began before he was a legendary singer.

When Cash was only 12-years-old his favorite brother, Jack, was accidentally pulled into a saw mill while he was working. He suffered for more than a week due to his injuries before passing away at the age of 15. Cash felt tremendous guilt over his brother's death, because he was out fishing with another one of his brothers that day.

He cites his brother's death to be a big influence over his work.  

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