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5 Creative Ways You Can Decorate Your Home With String Lights

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I've been searching for ways to decorate my bedroom without making a drastic change. After some time hunting for inspiration and ideas, I stumbled upon a room where the owner used string lights to decorate and I was instantly sold!

String lights generally have a strong association with Christmas and festive decorating but let me assure that using these lights will add a little whimsical yet modern touch to your space.

So if you do not want to commit to a permanent change (because some of us get easily bored and will regret that green paint on the wall) then here are 5 ways in which you can incorporate string lights in your home.

Use this list as an inspiration and play around with placement, designs and light styles (I'm a huge fan of fairy lights) to add your own personal touch.

1. DIY Constellation Wall Art

Show your artsy side and create a lit up wall piece by placing string lights on the back of a canvas. This DIY lighted constellation wall art is a great example of a string light canvas art. The possibilities are endless so feel free to experiment with different designs, techniques and styles to suit your home decor.

2. String Light Wall Art

Spell out words and letters using string lights and clear wall hooks, staples or thumbtacks. If you need some inspiration, check out this rope light sign and this dreamy bedroom wall.


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