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5 Elevator Horror Stories That Will Make You Take The Stairs

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4. The Avalon Theater - Easton, Maryland

The historic Avalon Theater in Easton Maryland is a well known spot on the Chesapeake Ghost Walks Tour, specifically the elevator. One of the former owners of the theater tells of a murder that took place inside the building. An actress was found murdered in the elevator.

The spirit of the woman has been seen entering and exiting the elevator. The spirit will supposedly stare right at you if you see her, before she disappears back from whence she came. The elevator is also known to move on its own, without any warning. The ding that the elevator makes when it reaches its destination is loud and startling, especially for staff who are there on their own after hours.

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5. Jerry Chenault - Bronx, New York

In January 1995, James Chenault was at work in the Kingsbridge Welfare Center. He along with several other people boarded the building's elevator on the first floor. They noticed that the car made an usually quick trip to the second floor, and when the doors opened, the floor of the car wasn't level with the actually second floor. Mr. Chenault, being an upstanding gentlemen, decided to hold the doors open by straddling small gap between elevator and building and using his body to keep the doors open so that the women in the car could get off.

Before he had any time to react, the elevator car shot upwards, killing Mr. Chenault instantly.

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