5 Facts About Tammy Wynette That You Can Stand By

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'Stand by Your Man' may have been one of the most contentious songs of her career, but it would also become the most successful record of Tammy Wynette's career and one of the most recorded songs in country music history.

Much like the career defining song, Wynette's own life experience was tumultuous and fraught with heartache and pain. There was no doubt of the talent she possessed, but her load was a heavy one to bear.

Here are five things you may not have known about 'the first lady of country music.'

1. Her name isn't Tammy

When she first walked through the doors into record producer, Billy Sherrill's office in Nashville, her name was Virginia Wynette Pugh and she was desperate, yet determined to cut a deal.

On that day in 1966, Sherrill saw something beyond her "beaten type of appearance."

She had a kind of beaten type of appearance, you know, just like, `OK, you know, I've been kicked in the teeth so many times, one more time's not going to kill me,' that type thing. But we changed all that."

He started with her name. Gone was Virginia Pew, and Tammy Wynette was born.

She sang this hit song for five presidents, but only one of them was bold enough to kiss her...

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