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5 Cold Weather Tips All Pet Owners Need To Know And How To Know When They've Had Enough

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4. Wipe them down

When they come in from the snow, don't just let them dry off on their own. All of the salt and sand that people put out to combat the slippery conditions are actually harmful for your little pup, so make sure you wipe them down to help keep them safe.

5. Watch for the signs

Your dog will have very specific behaviors that will let you know that the cold is getting to them.

Whining or Barking

They aren't just trying to annoy you, they are trying to tell you they are cold.

Stopping or Holding Up A Paw

If they stop walking and start to pull their feet off the ground, chances are they have some snow or ice built up in the hairs between their pads. It could also just be too cold on their feet.


When you shiver, it means that it's too cold for you. Same goes for your dog. It's obvious but very important.

Anxious Behavior

If your dog starts to climb into your arms or acting anxious and afraid, they are probably getting too cold.


If they start to go into weird places to hide, they are looking for shelter from the cold. Bring them inside and get them warmed up.

Taking care of your pets is a huge part of the winter, but a little bit of fun in the snow is fine. Just watch out for the signs to keep everyone safe and happy!

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