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5 Important Reasons Why You Need To Stop Putting Vaseline On Your Skin Right Now

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What's the first product you think of when you want to relieve dry, cracked skin? Vaseline, or petroleum jelly, has been used for years to help restore hydration and smooth the skin on hands, feet, lips, and hands. It's cheap, easy to find at any drug store, and works great. Or does it?

Studies have found out some concerning details about the well-known moisturizer that might cause you to stop using Vaseline for good.

It turns out that petroleum jelly might not be as good as we thought at fixing dry skin. In fact, it may be toxic for your skin and body, create a hormonal imbalance, and make your skin age faster.

Check out these 5 reasons why Vaseline is bad for you:

1. Blocks Pores

Unlike most lotions or moisturizers, Vaseline creates a waterproof barrier over the skin. Not only does this block external toxins from getting in, but it also prevents others from getting out. This can cause dirt and oil to build up in the pores, resulting in breakouts and skin irritation. Also, you should never apply mineral oil-based products such as Vaseline to a sunburn. This locks in the heat, damaging your skin further and slowing down the healing process.

2. Contaminates Cells

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Unlike shea butter and coconut oil, the byproducts in petroleum jelly can't be metabolized by the body. Hydrocarbons, which are found in mineral oils, are one of the great contaminants in the human body. It's estimated that 1g of this dangerous toxin come from absorption through the skin, and can be passed from mother to baby during breastfeeding.

3. Collagen Breakdown


The barrier petroleum jelly creates on the skin stops the skin from breathing and absorbing nutrients. This blocks the skin's natural ability to heal and prevent wrinkles. Studies reported that Vaseline "slows cellular regeneration, which can damage collagen, elastin and connective tissue and contribute to the appearance of aging."

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