5 Places Straight Out Of Nightmares That You Can Actually Visit

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Growing up, most of our parents told us that there was nothing to be scared of out there in the dark... Oh, how things change. The world can be a terrifying place in many different ways, but are ghosts real? Do they truly remain behind to haunt the living? Is there really a door to hell located here on earth?

Here are the five most terrifying places on earth.

1. Island of the Dolls - Mexico

The Island of the Dolls, located roughly two hours down the river channels from Mexico City, is without a doubt, one of the creepiest places on earth. Even without the ghost stories attached to the island's legend, an island covered in dolls hung from trees, nailed to walls, sitting in the grass, and pretty much anywhere else they can be left, is bloody terrifying for even the most staunch of individuals.

The legend is that the island is haunted by the spirit of a little girl who had been found dead on the shores of the river. A local man found a doll in the river and hung it up on the island as a tribute to the drowned girl and over the years the collection of dolls has grown by the 1000s, including random limbs and decapitated doll heads, anything to keep the little girl's spirit happy.

It is said that the little girl can posses the dolls and people have said that they have seen the dolls turn their heads and limbs, and have even opened their eyes to stare you down as you visit her resting place.

The island has been featured in numerous paranormal television shows, and was even the inspiration for a particularly terrifying episode of Steven Spielberg's show The River.

Dolls are creepy enough without anything supernatural.

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