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5 Reasons You Should Be Letting Your Dog On The Couch

Spending quality time with your canine buddies is really important. You have to make sure they get enough mental stimulation throughout the day but also enough love and attention.

You also need to find time to keep an eye on their health in ways that aren't always the easiest. That's why letting your dog on the couch is actually a good thing. While a lot of people prefer to keep paws off the furniture, it is the prime time to examine your pet!

Here are 5 simple things you should be doing while your pet is cuddling on the couch to keep an eye on their health.

1. Play with their paws: Give them a little bit of a paw massage. They will like it and while you do it you can check the length of their nails. You don't want to let them go too long in case they curl around.

2. Embrace the puppy kisses: Sure doggy breath isn't the best, but you should be aware of just how bad it is. If it is truly disgusting your dog may have an infected tooth or some other dental issue that needs to get taken care of.

3. Deep Tissue Back massage: Especially on those long hair pups, it's can be hard to see bumps or bites or rashes. If you give them a good rub each day, you'll be able to notice any differences in their hair, or if any lumps are growing.

4. Look deep into their eyes: Sounds silly, but it is nice to do every once and a while. And, it also will help you notice if their eyes are red caused by infection or allergies. Plus, who can resist those sweet eyes?

5. Ear rubs: Dogs get ear wax just as much as humans do and are also prone to other ear issues like ear mites. Take a peek inside their ears and make sure their isn't excessive buildup or that they aren't in pain when you touch them.

These 5 tricks are easy to do and will help you keep your pup healthy for years and years! Try it out tonight!

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