5 Secrets To Having The Best Perspective on Life

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As time goes on, we often become stagnant in our motivation. We are constantly trying to find new ways to keep motivated but everything is extremely overwhelming.

But sometimes it just takes one or two small changes to accomplish a complete 180.

Take a read through some of these ways you can add new perspective and give yourself a kick-start to a better life!

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1. Complaining can make you complacent.

Sure, complaining makes us feel better in the moment. But does it change anything? Or will you let it stay the same and complain about it again next week? Try this: when you're complaining, think about WHY you're upset and ask yourself "what can I do to fix this?" At least if you try and identify the problem, you're working towards fixing it!


2. Social Media is not for validation.

Going on Facebook or Twitter can be detrimental to your mental health. Remember: people post the best aspects of their lives for a reason. Comparing your mundane Wednesday night to someone's rare Saturday night out is not in your best interest. Ask yourself: would I rather be where I am, or where there are? If you find yourself truly thinking you'd like to go out, then make those plans!


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