5 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eliminate Dairy From Your Diet

Growing up our parents always told us to drink as much milk as possible. They made a strong case for the benefits of milk to our overall nutrition and its role in making us stronger.

Naturally as we get older we keep up the habit of consuming milk and its by-products to stay "healthy."

According to the USDA, the average american eats a whopping 36 pounds of cheese, 24 pounds of frozen dairy products including ice cream and 200 pounds of milk and cream.

Researchers have been studying the effects of dairy on humans and turns out it may be doing more harm than good. Not only is it unnatural to drink another animal's milk, but there are some serious health concerns associated with excess dairy intake.

According to Harvard's School of Public Health, consuming dairy products in moderation could lower risk of high blood pressure and colon cancer but it appears as though the cons still outweigh the pros.

"There's no good evidence that consuming more than one serving of milk per day in addition to a reasonable diet will reduce fracture risk," wrote a Harvard expert. "Because of unresolved concerns about the risk of ovarian and prostate cancer, it may be prudent to avoid higher intakes of dairy products."

Read on to learn more about the ways in which cutting out dairy can positively impact your overall well-being.

1. Your Skin Will Be Clearer

The IGF-1 hormone present in milk and its by-products cause your skin to produce excess sebum which can lead to acne. By cutting back on your dairy intake you may notice a significant improvement in your complexion.

Keep on reading to find out how you can lose weight and lower your cancer risk when you don't consume dairy.

2. You Will Lose Weight

You'll feel less bloated and shed unwanted pounds when you quit dairy. When you consume foods with dairy it can cause unhealthy bacteria to overgrow and lead to "systemic inflammation that swells the intestines and prevents normal digestion, causing weight gain, among other conditions such as irritable bowel."

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3. You Will Lower Your Risk Of Cancer

The high galactose and calcium content in dairy can increase the risk for ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

A recent Harvard study found that "women with high intakes of lactose"”equivalent to that found in 3 cups of milk per day"”had a modestly higher risk of ovarian cancer, compared to women with the lowest lactose intakes.

In another research that studied men, experts found that those "who drank two or more glasses of milk a day were almost twice as likely to develop advanced prostate cancer as those who didn't drink milk at all."

Amazing, right?! There's more...

4. You Will Increase Your Longevity

According to a study published in BMJ, your risk of premature death increases by 15% when you drink a glass of milk. Researchers also found that women who drank 3 or more glasses of milk per day were most likely to die sooner than those who drank one or none.

However, there is good news for those who love cheese. Fermented milk by-products such as cheese and yogurt contain no galactose so they're not as bad for you. In fact, they may even decrease your risk of death.

5. You Will Have More Energy

You may be able to kick your caffeine addiction to the curb and sleep better when you cut dairy out of your regular diet.

The high saturated fat, cholesterol and hormones in dairy can induce chronic fatigue especially in individuals who have sensitivities. As per the Adrenal Fatigue Solutions blog, "the immune system fights against it, resulting in inflammation that can range from joint pain to headaches to a swelling in the small intestine."

There you have it! Will this change how you consume dairy? Let us know in the comments!

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