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5 Tips To Stick To Your Diet (And Still Treat Yourself) At The Family Barbecue

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Summer is here, and while we like to think that this is the most relaxing time of year that couldn't be further from the truth. From now until the time the leaves change colors you'll be invited to some kind of barbecue, family gathering or summer shindig every weekend.

If you're trying to lose weight this swimsuit season, these events can be a nightmare - but they don't have to be. Just like when we revealed how to eat healthy at your favorite fast food restaurants, you can stick to your diet at a barbecue.

Read these 5 creative tips to learn how:

1. Bring your own food

There's a chance that your host won't have anything to offer besides hot dogs, chips and dips. You should avoid getting stuck in a situation where you're forced to choose between wrecking your diet and starving yourself because you're afraid to eat anything.

Bring along something healthy like a tasty bean salad in a vinegar dressing, or some sliced fruit to snack on before dinner. Pack enough to share so you don't seem rude, but odds are you'll be taking home some leftovers. At least you know there'll be one healthy option to enjoy.

2. Salad is your friend

Whether it's regular old salad, potato salad, corn on the cob or beans, there's bound to be at least one veggie dish available for dinner. Don't worry if the dressing is a little heavy, just fill half your plate with veggies when it's time for dinner so you avoid double-dipping on greasy burgers.

Speaking of dip, sample the veggie platter to your heart's content. As long as you avoid the fatty dip you can snack guilt-free all night.

3. Skip the booze

We know, when the sun is shining and all of your friends are together it only feels natural to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine, but these are the sneaky source of a lot of calories. Set an hourly drink limit for yourself, or alternate between drinks and water to slow your pace.

Better yet, bring the ingredients for a batch of these flavored ice cubes. You'll have a healthy, sweet and refreshing drink for yourself, plus you can share them with the other guests.

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