5 Ways To Take Mac n Cheese To The Next Level

Kraft Mac n' Cheese (or Kraft Dinner in Canada) might be our favorite comfort food. It's been around for years and is the favorite of millions of Americans. Perhaps that's why this classic dish is also extremely versatile and can be combined in so many ways.

Here's a list of some of our favorite ways to eat KD.

1. With Ketchup


Mac n Cheese is great on its own, but when you add a bit of ketchup it turns into something extraordinary.

2. On A Burger

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Mac n Cheese is normally the main dish, it's also good as a side, but have you ever tried it as a topping? Put it on a burger and you might not go back to it any other way!

3. In A Sandwich

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I am from the school of thought that anything is made better by putting it in between bread. Sandwiches make the world go 'round and a Mac n Cheese sandwich should be at the top of your fav sandwiches list.

4. Breaded and Fried

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You're probably thinking "duh, everything's better when fried" and that's true, but Mac n Cheese in particular is amazing. If you ever have any leftovers, just lightly bread it, fry it for about 30 seconds and you'll have a tantalizing treat.

5. Tex-Mex Style

Tex Mex
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Mac n Cheese pairs really well with ground beef. Add some kick to it by using taco seasoning or jalapeno peppers and you're on your way to something magical. Just finish it off with sour cream and some more cheddar and you'll eat up your Mexican Mac n Cheese in no time.

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