5-Year-Old Girl Fined For Having A Lemonade Stand

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So many of us had lemonade stands growing up. It was a perfect activity for a summer's day! Planning out supplies, making your signs, and of course making a little extra cash.

But for Andre Spicer's daughter, who is remaining unnamed, her dream of having a lemonade stand was totally crushed.

Spicer's daughter set up her stand outside the Lovebox music festival in Victoria Park, UK on a Saturday afternoon. Spicer figured it would be a great way to keep his child entertained, and be a great place for her to get some business.

Spicer says his daughter came up with the idea for a little stand, suggesting she sell food and toys. When Spicer asked her if it were HER toys she wanted to sell, his daughter replied "maybe just food then."

"It’s not like she was trying to make a massive profit, this is just a five-year-old kid trying to sell lemonade," Spicer said.

Andre SpicerTelegraph UK

Spicer and his daughter made all the lemonade in the morning and set up shop at Victoria Park. One large cup of lemonade cost $1, and a small glass cost $0.50.

Within minutes of setting up their stand, four police officers stormed over and immediately shut down Spicer and his daughter.

Continue reading to find out their reasoning.

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