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Mom Of 5-Year-Old Model With "Beautiful Long Hair" Accused Of Exploiting Her Daughter

Mia Aflalo Shunem/Instagram

People may say having long, luscious hair can be a person's best physical trait, but nobody has better locks than one model from Tel Aviv - and she's only five years old.  

Mia Aflalo may not have completed the first grade, but already has nearly 50,000 followers on Instagram.

According to Mia's hairstylist Sagi Dahari, the youngster is an easy-to-work with client who never complains or argues, preferring to "wait patiently and smile at everyone."

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The rising star, who's previously appeared in British Vogue, has garnered thousands of likes on each of her photos, but fans are divided on whether her stylish snaps are age-appropriate.  

"What a ridiculous over-the-top thing to do to a child. If I had a daughter, no way would I let them appear like that," one person quipped on Instagram.

Some even went as far as criticizing her mother.

"What would you do if random pedos [sic] were getting their rocks off to pics of your daughter? You should stop exposing her to the world and start protecting her," someone else asked.

"It's not just the friends you want to impress who go on Instagram, there are bad people everywhere. You are endangering her life as well as her present and future mental health," another Instagram comment read.

However, fans of Mia's gorgeous mane couldn't help but compliment her stylish hairdos.

"I hardly think this child cares how she looks for random strangers on the internet. She most likely feels beautiful and confident, as she is!" one person wrote.

"I hate myself a little more now that ive [sic] seen a 5 year old with more hair on her head than all the hair i have on my body," someone else added.

"None of this is any of our business, she's not our child so these comments and opinions don't matter so until she becomes your child, shut up," another chimed in.

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