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5-Year-Old Separated From His Family After Vegas Shooting, But Twitter Helps Reunite Them

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The mass-shooting in Vegas was a major blow to the hearts and minds of Americans across the country. With so many dead, and even more injured, people have been looking for glimmers of hope from this story to hold onto.

Communities have come together, strangers protected each other, heroes came out of the woodwork to put their own lives on the line in order to help those affected. For one mother, it was finding her five-year-old son after they had been separated when the shooting began. She now has Twitter to thank for bringing them back together.

Honey Nine

Aden Huser had been watching Jason Aldean perform with his family that night. Before the shooting started his parents had taken his older sister to the bathroom, leaving Aden with his aunt. Chaos ensued when the bullets started flying, and they couldn't find Aden among the crowd.  

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