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5-Year-Old With Terminal Cancer "Marries" Her Best Friend


We've shared stories before about people with a short time to live and threw caution to the wind to tackle their bucket list, and even stories about couples who rushed to say "I do" before it was too late. But this story, about a little girl from Scotland named Eileidh Paterson, definitely takes the cake. The 5-year-old is battling neuroblastoma, a nervous system cancer that affects children. While Eileidh's family raised money for her to travel to America for treatment, sadly they now know that her condition is terminal.

With the time they have left, they want to make Eileid's life richer, by crossing off a list of things she's always wanted to try.

Eileidh has already swam with mermaids, but she's still waiting to swim with dolphins and visit a waterpark (it seems she really enjoys swimming). Other items on her list include getting a bedroom makeover, seeing snow, and a trip to Disneyland.

But the very first thing on her list was to marry her best friend, 6-year old Harrison Grier. Eileidh calls Harrison her 'boyfriend,' and told her nurses they would get married someday, so their parents made it possible before it was too late.

“I think he knew what was going on," Harrison's father Billy said, "he certainly knew how important it was to her and wanted to do whatever he could for her."

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Eileidh's family was worried she wouldn't feel up to the big event, because she had received a blood transfusion earlier that day, but the wedding seemed to lift her spirits. The whole event was princess and superhero themed (she loves superheroes) and Eileidh wore a princess dress while Harrison sported a kilt. Hundreds of guests watched as Eileidh's brother walked her down the aisle. Instead of vows, a fairy tale story by Eileidh's mother about  her life as a princess battling the "evil beast" (cancer) was read, along with a poem by Eileidh's sister.

"Even if we are apart," it read, "I will always be with you."

After the ceremony, Eileidh and Harrison shared a first dance set to "Gangnam Style," and partied the rest of the night with a soundtrack of Disney songs while eating cotton candy.

"These are going to be lasting memories," Eileidh's mother Gail said, and the ceremony "really perked her up." Even though there's a serious reason for the event, and we think of weddings as something very "adult," for Eileidh it was just another chance to play dress up and act like a kid, without thinking about her disease.

We hope that Eileidh and Harrison have lots more chances to have fun together, but no matter what happens they'll both share this special memory.

Eileid's family is still raising money to complete more items on her bucket list, you can learn more or donate here.

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