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5-yr-old Is Crushed When He Hears The News About His Best Friend, But Fate Gave Them A Second Chance

Ronnie's best friend was a 10-year-old, orange tabby named Phoenix. Not only was the senior cat his best friend, but he was also the family's most beloved pet.

So when the old cat went missing, five-year-old Ronnie urged his mother, Michelle Humber to canvas the town and put up posters. They asked everyone to contact the family if Phoenix was spotted.

Sadly, after 18 months of searching, no one replied. Phoenix seemed to be gone for good.

Ronnie was devastated, so his mother suggested that they adopt a new furry friend - someone who desperately needs a forever home. They went to the local animal shelter to pick out a new buddy. They found one that they thought would be a good match and applied for the adoption.

The next time Ronnie and his mom went back, a familiar face in the next cage caught their eye...

It was Phoenix!

Ronnie couldn't believe that he had found his best buddy - he was so overwhelmed with joy that he began to cry. As it turns out, two months earlier, Phoenix was dropped off at the animal shelter.

His tags were out of date and so worn down that the staff couldn't contact Ronnie's mom. The only reason Ronnie saw him that day was because Phoenix had just been put up for adoption!

Fate definitely intervened and brought these two together again at the right place, in the right time.

Animal lovers, it is moments like these that remind us how precious or pets truly are. If you haven't updated your tags or microchips for your pet, consider doing it now - not all of us are as lucky as Ronnie and Phoenix!

[h/t WeLoveAnimals]

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