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55 Dogs That Will Have You Howling With Laughter In A Matter Of Seconds

Dogs are simply the best animals. Don't try and fight me on this one. They are pure, they are loving, and most importantly, they do stupid things we catch on camera.

1. Life is ruff for the first born.

2. Priceless picture, though.

3. I've definitely made this face before, too.

4. And this one.


6. I'd swipe.

7. It's not going to be funny when the real dog pees on the fake one in the middle of the night.

8. Dirty 30?

9. "I swear, I was putting money BACK into the purse!"

10. He probably just went to the store, why did you lock him out?

11. This is why you should always read the instructions.

12. Or is she just glow-in-the-dark now?

13. Manners make the man.

14. The age-old question.

15. Please knock next time.

16. I look at pizza like this too!

17. When does it come out? I'll listen.

18. My favorite dinosaur.

19. Maybe he was just thirsty??

20. He secretly loves him, I swear.

21. This one disoriented me!

22. I make this face, too.

23. I wouldn't have stayed calm enough to take a picture...

24. Did she lick them clean, at least?

25. You're never fully dressed without a smile...

26. Dogs in leaves are my absolute favorite thing.

27. Just throw the darn ball!!

28. Hide and seek can be fun, but not in this case!

29. I think this is the same dog that loves which case, what a range of emotions!

30. They're just saying hello!

31. There's only room for one selfie queen in this car.

32. Please tell the neighbor's dog I love him too.

33. Better brows than I have...

34. Deny, deny, deny.

35. Can she even see anything???

36. They are both equally excited.

37. Parents just don't understand.

38. We all have fears.

39. This is such a kind gesture.

40. At least he didn't turn green like that other dog.

41. I'd be worried too.

42. You have a dog. That's no longer an option.

43. I shouldn't be laughing this hard...

44. Well it's working!

45. Same, honestly.

46. Whatever works for you, mama!

47. "I know something you don't know!"

48. Playing hard-to-get is a legitimate strategy.

49. This is definitely a predicament.

50. How did he dig such a perfect hole?

51. This is a great picture what are you talking about?

52. And so far from the water, too!

53. You don't see these too often!

54. The definition of purity.

55. Fear of every time.

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