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7 Celebrities You Wouldn't Recognize Without Their Signature Looks

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Some actors have a very versatile look, changing each time they're in front of the camera and everyone is okay with it.

But then there are those celebrities who can't just change up their look without looking like a completely different person. It's almost like their hair, makeup or clothing defines who they are and what we recognize about them.

We know that there are more to stars than what they look like, but this list defines those who are so attached to their style that we have to do a double-take when they switch it up.

Zooey Dechanel

Known for her wide doe eyes and blunt bangs this New Girl turns heads with her iconic look.

But what happens when she steps out without her signature hairstyle and eye makeup? She looks like a completely different person!

Joaquin Phoenix

We are used to seeing Joaquin Phoenix as the clean-shaven man with the mesmerizing green eyes. As this Gladiator and Walk the Line actor lit up the silver screen with his iconic look, nobody expected this transformation.

When he steps out with a face fill of hair and sunglasses, we barely recognize him. This look is not something we expect when this guest steps out in the 2009 episode with David Letterman.


Ke$ha could often be found in a sea of glitter and rhinestones as they cover her outfits and her face. It's hard to picture this singer who established herself as a drunken party girl with a love for alien-inspired costumes on stage, as a sophisticated and glamorous woman.

Today, Kesha has removed the "$" from her name and prefers more of a natural look. She has ditched all the glitter and facepaint for a more natural approach and fans are loving it!

"I felt like part of my job was to be as skinny as possible, and to make that happen, I had been abusing my body. I just wasn't giving it the energy it needed to keep me healthy and strong," she said.

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