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6 Hacks To Make Your Morning Coffee That Much Better

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If you're anything like me, that first cup of coffee is less a part of your routine, and more akin to a religious experience. The smell of it brewing, the sound of the boiling water, the sensation of stirring the cream and sugar into it, and the anticipation of that first sip all contribute to the act of the morning coffee, and it's one that people love nationwide.

Lady's Life

Of course, there's always ways that you could make your experience just that much better. Some people are just satisfied with using the pre-ground stuff like Nescafé or Folgers, tossing it into a pot and gulping it down before taking off for work. But no, not you. You've got the refined taste of someone who really enjoys a solid pot of coffee, and you've decided you want to step up your game and get the maximum flavor out of your beans.

Strictly Coffee

Well, your friends at Shared have you covered. We've assembled a crack team of coffee-ologists and quizzed them for all of their best information, and we're passing the information on to you! Keep reading for ways to up your coffee-making skills!

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