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6 Sure Fire Ways To End The Misery Of Period Pain

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Let's be real ladies, menstrual pain is the worst. As much as I love being a woman, I dread the end of every month when Mother Nature comes knocking.

Recently, a doctor revealed menstrual cramps are just as painful as suffering from a heart attack, and during the first few days of my period, I can't help but agree.

There are several ways that we make our aches more agonizing than they have to be, but luckily, there are simple remedies we can do to find relief in this trying time. Here are six easy ways every woman should know to end the misery of period pain.

1. Exercise

I know, exercising is the worst, especially when you feel like your guts are being twisted. However, doing any kind of physical activities makes your body pump out more blood, which helps release endorphins. This hormone counteracts the prostaglandins in your body, thus reducing your cramps.

2. Self-massage

By giving yourself a 15-minute massage with essential oils can do your body a world of good by increasing your blood flow.

A study in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research found women who massaged their lower abdomen with essential oils like lavender, clary sage and marjoram in the days leading up to a period felt a shorter duration of pain, which reduced the suffering from 2.4 to 1.8 days.

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