6 Gross Reasons You Really Need To Wash Your Bra More Often

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You might think that it's not really necessary. I mean, unless you're lactating, nothing really gets into your bra to make it dirty - right? Wrong.

When it comes to clothing, the basic rule of thumb is: the closer something is to your body, the more often you should be washing it. According to Mary Begovic Johnson, senior scientific communications manager at Procter & Gamble, women should be washing their bras about once a week.

If you really must wear the same bra more than once, try not to do so more than three to five times a week.

Here's why:

1. Bacteria Will Accumulate In Your Bra

According to New York dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner, some pretty gross things accumulate in the fibers of your bra.

In addition to oil, dirt, and body lotion, your bra will become a breeding ground for microorganisms, yeast, fungi and other gross bacteria.  

2. Your Bra Will Smell Bad

Whether you sweat a little or a lot, you know by now that if you neglect to wash your clothes, they'll start to smell. The same goes for your bra - especially any sports bras you wear while exercising.

Although you might become immune to the scent, after a while, that musky odor could rub off on your other clothes.

3. Gross Bra Stains

Sweat discoloration will start to change the color of the fabrics of your bras. If left unwashed, deodorant will cause a yellowish-beige stain that is very difficult to remove from your bras.

It gets worse!

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