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6 Kinds Of Fish You Should Avoid Eating, With Some Healthy Substitutes

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While lots of people still insist that they can't stand fish, seafood is the new "in" food right now, and lots of families are adding more fish to their grocery carts. While there are lots of benefits to adding fish to your diet, not all fish are created equal. Seafood can be very complicated, but this guide should make things simple.

There are lots of different kinds of fish - from farm-raised to wild-caught and even smaller distinctions - so we've simply picked 6 your should avoid, and listed some healthy replacements.

1. Tilapia

This is becoming one of the most popular kinds of fish in America, both because it's cheap and it's featured in lots of packaged fish products. Unfortunately, it's one of the few fish species that doesn't contain healthy Omega-3 oils.

In fact, the Omega-6 oils in tilapia are bad for your heart, and can make your inflammation worse.

Instead try: Alaskan Salmon has all the health benefits you're missing from tilapia.

2. King Mackerel

According to the EPA, this fish has some of the highest levels of mercury, which can affect your brain. In fact, the agency recommends that women and children avoid eating this fish entirely.

Instead try: Atlantic Mackerel, which has a higher salt content than King Mackerel but a much safer mercury level.

3. Mahi Mahi

If you've ever stayed at a Caribbean hotel, you've probably seen this fish at the buffet. Beware: certain dangerous bacterias love this fish, and it can give you food poisoning even if it doesn't smell "off."

Instead try: Pacific Sardines. These tasty fish are full of nutrients like Vitamin D and even Calcium.

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