6 Things You Never Knew About 'I Dream Of Jeannie'

Between Be*Witched and I Dream Of Jeannie, we really were spoiled with our magical television shows!

Watching Jeannie get into some tricky situations while Master Nelson did his best to contain her was something we looked forward to every week.

But even the most die-hard I Dream Of Jeannie may not know some of the more well-kept secrets about the show.

Take a look through and see if you knew these!

1. Barbara Eden didn't want romance

Barbara Eden, who played Jeannie, has gone on record saying she didn't like that Master Nelson and Jeannie end up getting married.

“It ruined the show,” she said. “Because [Jeannie] wasn’t human … She thought she was, and [Tony] knew she wasn’t … I think it broke credibility.”


2. The song wasn't always around.

The catchy, well-known tune was brought in until the second season. The first season tried a few different openers, but ultimately they went with the classic jingle we all know and love.

3. Barbara Eden had a little secret in the first couple episodes.

Eden was pregnant in the first 10 episodes of the show, which is why she was covered up in the beginning of the season. Eden says she looked like "a walking tent" because of all the extra veils.

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4. Hagman didn't know the show was cancelled.

Larry Hagman was on vacation in South American when I Dream of Jeannie was cancelled, but no one was able to reach him. When Hagman got back, he wanted to grab something from his dressing room. When he got there, it was up to a security guard to let him know there was no more show.


5. Eden was more than an actress.

In season 1, there was a lion in one of the episodes and Eden turned into somewhat of a lion whisperer having worked with wild cats on set before. “You have to stand very still and let the lion smell you,” she explained to her co-star. “Then, when he’s finished doing that, you should lean forward very, very gingerly and stroke him as gently as you can. That way, he’ll get to know you and everything will be fine.”


6. Hagman had a bit of a substance problem.

According to Barbara Eden's memoir, Jeannie Out of the Bottle, Larry Hagman had some nasty habits on set.

“He started every day at the studio drinking vast quantities of champagne,” wrote Eden, “and in between scenes, he sequestered himself in his dressing room, smoking pot and downing yet more champagne, all in the interests of maintaining a calm serenity.”

Apparently, he also urinated on the set once. It was the weak scripts that supposedly drove Hagman to self-medicate.