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6 Unattractive Qualities You Shouldn't Put Up With In A Relationship

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When you're starting out a new relationship, it can be easy to overlook your partner's flaws. Whether it's the way they leave toothpaste in the cap, or forget to take out the trash, daily living's little quirks eventually reveal themselves.

While there are some things we can overlook in a person's character, there are others that we just cannot stand.

Call them deal-breakers, red flags or just plain unbearable, these are the top 6 unattractive qualities in a partner:


The first couple of times they can't make a decision might be cute. You like to take the lead and maybe don't mind showing your new love new things, but after a while, it'll wear down on you.

It can seem like they take hours choose the perfect Netflix movie to watch, but if they can't decide between you and another, tell them to shape-up or ship out!

You know you deserve to be somebody's #1.

No Compassion

"Me, me, me." Do you know someone like this? If you don't, it might be you!

The partner who doesn't actually listen to what you're saying shows they have very little compassion for anyone but themselves. If you try to tell them about a problem at work, or maybe some trouble in your family, they don't really hear what you're saying - maybe they even tell you to get over it.

One important part of good communication is active listening. When someone listens to what you say and responds by asking questions and repeating back what they understand, they're actively listening to you. If your partner can't do that, it's time to say buh-bye!

Drama Queen

There's nothing wrong with a *little* shop-talk now and then, but if you practically LIVE off of the misery of others, you've definitely got this unattractive flaw.

No one likes a gossipy, foul-mouthed partner who relishes in speaking badly about others in order to lift themselves up. This kind of negativity gets really tiring and really old - really fast.

There are three more qualities you really stand for in a partner - one of them is a no-brainer!

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