Lego Is Now As Cheap As It Was 60 Years Ago, Let's Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane

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Lego has really stood the test of time. It took around 20 years until it became insanely popular, but it was never destined to be a fad.

Now the toy company is celebrating its 60th anniversary since the Lego brick was invented.

Walmart is even celebrating the classic toy by selling limited-edition Lego sets. You can buy these large sets for the price of what you would pay back in 1958!

The best thing about Lego was that it was simple. All you had to do was use your imagination, and that meant there was an endless possibility as to what you could make with a large selection of plastic blocks. If you had enough bricks you could build a town!

When you were a kid, you probably played with Lego a lot, but how have the toys and the packaging changed over the years? It's actually quite interesting.

The plastic toys were created by Godtfred Kirk Christansen in Denmark in 1958, but the Lego factory got its start way before that.

They first opened in 1939, and had 10 employees, selling toys exclusively inside their own country. By the late 1950s, the company started selling its products internationally, and that's when all the fun started...


The designs were pretty basic 60 years ago. The box only contained enough blocks to make a small house, but that was just the first taste kids got of Lego. It was kind of like Pokemon, you had to buy them all!

Fun fact: the kids on the box are Godtfred's children.


A decade later, the company introduced hundreds of pieces and more color variations. They also included instructions manuals, thankfully.

The creative kit above came out in 1965, and you could build different types of vehicles from the pieces they provided.


What was great about Lego was that they always followed the trends. Now that children could build a town, they also needed a dashing car. The Cadillac above came out in 1975.

The company also introduced the first mini figures with movable arms and legs.


This is the decade when Lego started to get really fun, but also very challenging. Some of their boxes had hundreds of pieces inside, which included special parts that performed "real life actions." For example, the 1984 Excavator included an air pressure, similar to one that a real digger would require.


In the decade before the turn of the century, Lego was really upping its game. They continued adding different shaped and sized bricks, making the possibilities of your Lego world endless. People had access to so many blocks that they were setting world records. For example, there was a large castle made from more than 400,000 blocks!


Lego seems to be going into a different direction, and it's probably for the best. Kids are more inclined to buy Lego if they are able to recreate their favorite fictional world, whether it be based on a video game or movie.

Today, which is 80 years since the company was established, more than 18,000 people work for Lego!

Which Lego set was your favorite?

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