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7 Movies That Showed Why Grace Kelly Was Queen Of Hollywood

Before her untimely death in a car crash in 1982, Grace Patricia Kelly's story was the stuff of Hollywood legend. Heading to New York City to pursue acting right after graduating high school, she eventually rose to the level of Hollywood royalty, and starred in several massive hits. To cap it all off, she then married Prince Rainier of Monaco, ending her time as an actress and beginning her period as the Princess of Monaco!

On what would be her birthday, here are her 7 best roles to remind us all of just how great a talent she was.

High Noon

Her big-screen debut is one of the best westerns ever made, and she absolutely shines in it as the intense Amy Fowler Kane.


For once Kelly's character wasn't the rich socialite; she plays the cheating wife of an anthropologist, and is stellar at it.

Dial M For Murder

Her first time working with the legendary Alfred Hitchcock would not be her last (or even her best), but if there was any doubt that Grace Kelly was a star, they were laid to rest with this excellent thriller. Fun fact: this was one of the first movies to be filmed and screened in 3D!

Her roles get even more iconic from here...

Rear Window

One of Hitchock's absolute best is made even better by the excellent chemistry between Kelly and Jimmy Stewart, and their relationship ends up lending tons of realistic tension to this murder mystery.

The Country Girl

The role that finally got Kelly an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, she stars opposite Bing Crosby and William Holden in this captivating drama.

To Catch A Thief

Her last outing with Hitchcock saw Kelly opposite Cary Grant as a rich socialite who must help a reformed jewel thief catch the man who framed him. It's great stuff.

High Society

Her final movie before becoming Princess of Monaco and giving up acting entirely was a great one, featuring her alongside Bing Crosby and the legendary Frank Sinatra as a rich socialite (again) who has to choose who she's going to marry (life imitates art I guess).

What was your favorite Grace Kelly role?