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7 Things That Happen To Our Body When We Cuddle


If you're a cuddler, you probably know that it makes you feel great. If you're not so fond of the intimate interaction or don't get enough of it, you may be missing out on the healthy benefits from a loving embrace.

Oxytocin, a natural hormone released in your body during cuddling or any other kind of social bonding, has many benefits for your body.

Don't feel left out if you're not in an intimate relationship. Cuddling with friends, family, or pets have the same benefits. Here are some reasons why cuddling is good for you.

It will boost your mood.

Cuddling releases oxytocin, a feel-good hormone that's also known as the 'love hormone'. You already know that when you're in a good mood, life feels great. This optimistic outlook will help you to be more productive.

It will relieve pain.

When an area of your body hurts, your first reaction is to give it a good massage. Although it may not relieve your pain entirely, you'll find it does help. That simple touch releases oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine, all which makes you feel good. So, a genuine cuddle will make your feel even better.

It will boost your immune system.

Don't go around cuddling people while you have a cold or an infection, but keep in mind that a loving embrace will help your body fight viruses. Stress contributes to a lower immune system, so be happy and cuddle away!

These next reasons are key for a healthy lifestyle.

You'll feel less stressed and ultimately sleep better.

Spooning or cuddling before you sleep will reduce cortisol production and make you feel more relaxed. A study that surveyed men showed that they slept longer when they cuddled with their intimate partner. Better sleep will also boost your mood and immune system.

It will reduce fear and anxiety.

The release of these natural hormones will also make you think more positively. For example, a friendly embrace upon meeting a friend will make you more eager to be social. Also, a study found that holding someone's hand will decrease your level of anxiety, especially if that person is someone very dear to you.

Cuddling will lower your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Research has found that nearly one in five young adults has high blood pressure. When you're cuddling, you're not thinking about all the stressful times in your life. You're most likely feeling happy and comfortable in someone's embrace.

It will make for a happier and more intimate relationship.

Frequent and intimate cuddles are important for long-term satisfaction. A British survey found that 94% of couples who touched and stayed in close contact while sleeping were in happier relationships, compared to 68% of those who didn't physically touch while they slept. If you're looking for a more intimate relationship, one study found that couples who demonstrate more affection after sex, such as cuddling or kissing, are more satisfied with their relationships.

How does cuddling make you feel?

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